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Hangar Hub Food Pantry

We work with food charity Fareshare Cymru – plus numerous local retailers – on a food project that is here to help the local Community.

Anyone can access our food pantry. Whether you are a family, or low income household. You may be a working family, but the paycheque is just disappearing too fast, especially with the Cost of Living Crisis and the Pantry will help you top-up your fridge and cupboards.

Or, you may just wish to join as a member to support the project and save tonnes of food waste.

Whatever your reason…

Some of our wonderful volunteersThe Pantry aims to:

  • Provide volunteering opportunities for our community
  • Donate free food packages to those who need it
  • Provide a donation option where you can just give a small membership fee donation when you collect a food package. We don’t sell individual items of food but we supply boxes of mixed chilled, frozen, ambient and fresh food depending on what is available
  • Supply food suitable for varied dietary needs and cultural needs
  • Donations help us to purchase and run fridges, freezers, top up the pantry items with essentials, pay our food membership subscription fees and more


If you are a new member and wish to join our Pantry, please register here. It is a bit like placing an order online, but you will pay in person when you collect your box.

Pantry days are Thursday and Sunday 11am-1pm.  No appointment is needed.

We have random pop-up pantries by appointment which are announced on our Facebook Group



  1. Thank you
    October 7, 2017

    I think it’s really great, what you’re doing here to help people out. Well done.

  2. May 23, 2022

    This project is an amazing opportunity to help the community
    Well done to all running the project
    Fabulous work

  3. June 8, 2022

    Amazing people are working there. Thanks for everything that you are doing.

  4. Aaliyah Franklin
    July 11, 2022

    Hi do you deliver as I live quite far

    • hub@hangarhpc.com
      July 24, 2022

      No, sorry we do not deliver.

  5. Phillip
    July 24, 2022

    Great service and so very understanding

  6. bev lloyd
    October 28, 2022

    I visited for the first time yesterday Fantastic project well done to all involved

  7. Phillip Maxwell
    March 12, 2023

    Hello, have a swollen leg and can’t walk that far. Could you deliver a food box containing tins of meat and noodles etc. I do help the homeless with clothes at times. Running low on items, grateful for your help.

    • hub@hangarhpc.com
      March 15, 2023

      Sorry Phillip we don’t have the facility to deliver but a neighbour or friend is welcome to collect for you, they can visit on your behalf.

  8. Jordan
    June 7, 2023

    Supporting a family of 7 with food from the pantry at the hangar hub.

    • hub@hangarhpc.com
      June 7, 2023

      Glad to help today Jordan

  9. Emma Archer
    December 5, 2023

    How do I register please?

    • hub@hangarhpc.com
      December 5, 2023

      Hi Emma, to register – please place an order here. No payment is needed but it will get your details onto our system, and then you can attend one of our Pantry days: Thu and Sun 11am-1pm

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