Benefits of Volunteering at Hangar Community Hub

This is one of our volunteers Emma, who is a local resident to the area, and we met her via our food network.  You’ll catch Emma most Thursdays working at the morning Pantry, plus she is often to be found helping behind the scenes including collecting and transporting food to us, and restocking the Pantry.

And this is Sue, another of our amazing volunteers who often helps at both Sunday and Thursday pantries and behind-the-scenes including restocking and carrying out food collections.

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Get Rewarded for Volunteering at Hangar Community Hub

Get Rewarded for Volunteering at Hangar Community Hub – when you give one hour of your time, we’ll reward you with one Tempo Time Credit that can be spent in loads of great venues around Wales and beyond.  This means that by helping us, we can help you get the most out of your Volunteering role.

Everything is managed on the Tempo Time Credits system where you will see your balance for what you have earned and how you can spend them.  Its a brilliant opportunity to participate in some great experiences.

You can also spend Time Credits at our gym, on our courses and classes or just for entry to the gym.  This TV clip will explain a bit more about Time Credits and how you can get involved.

Just some of the great venues we’ve found in the local area include – us of course! And St Davids Hall, Wales Millennium Centre, and Principality Stadium Tours. Salad Packs from a Community Garden, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff Rugby Games, Sherman Theatre, Chapter Arts Cinema Tickets, Swimming Lessons at Penarth Leisure Centre, Entrance to Castell Coch and Caerphilly Castel, Barry Quasar, Bowling, See how currency and medals are made at The Royal Mint Experience.  It goes on!

Best Before Use By DatesSave Waste

Best-Before and Use-By Dates

It is important to understand ‘best before’ and ‘use-by’ dates on food labels and how you must treat them differently.

The Best Before date, sometimes shown as BBE (best before end), is about quality and not safety.  Other foods have a Use By date.  That food either needs to be eaten before that date, or frozen if it’s freezable (we save whatever we can when we receive this kind of food).

After the Best Before date listed on a product, the food will be safe to eat but may not be at its best. Best Before dates appear on a wide range of foods including:

  • frozen foods (such as peas, chips and ice cream)
  • dried foods (such as pasta and rice)
  • tinned foods (such as baked beans and canned tomatoes)
  • cheese

Please read this information in full to ensure you’re up to date with the latest safety guides.

Egg Freshness TestSave Waste

Egg Freshness Test

Egg Freshness Test

  • A very fresh egg will sink to the bottom of a bowl of water, and lay on its side
  • One-two week old eggs will sink to the bottom and the wider end of the egg will raise up slightly
  • Three week old eggs will be balanced on their narrow end with the wide end upwards
  • Old and rotten eggs will float to the top and should always be discarded
Fight For Peace Regional Development DayEvents

Fight for Peace Development Day

Fight for Peace Development Day

So in mid-winter, 4th December the members of the Fight For Peace Alliance gyms around the country got together for development days, for sharing ideas and strategies post-pandemic.

Hangar Human Performance Centre, our home, was honoured to be selected as the regional host for Wales.

Also the Fight For Peace Chief Executive Jenny Oklikah joined us for the day, a great honour to host her.

We had a great day, and during the morning sessions, ran several sessions around Youth Mental Health, Disability Boxing Inclusion and how we as organisations, can work with Youth Offending Services.

We then shared a meal together, and had time for networking and bonding before an afternoon of training on the mats.

Here’s a little bit more about the Fight For Peace Alliance and what we do.  It was great to be part of filming this film!

Hangar Community Hub Vegetable BoxFood Pantry

Hangar Hub Food Pantry

We work with food charity Fareshare Cymru – plus numerous local retailers – on a food project that is here to help the local Community.

Anyone can access our food pantry. Whether you are a family, or low income household. You may be a working family, but the paycheque is just disappearing too fast, especially with the Cost of Living Crisis and the Pantry will help you top-up your fridge and cupboards.

Or, you may just wish to join as a member to support the project and save tonnes of food waste.

Whatever your reason…

Some of our wonderful volunteersThe Pantry aims to:

  • Provide volunteering opportunities for our community
  • Donate free food packages to those who need it
  • Provide a donation option where you can just give a small membership fee donation when you collect a food package. We don’t sell individual items of food but we supply boxes of mixed chilled, frozen, ambient and fresh food depending on what is available
  • Supply food suitable for varied dietary needs and cultural needs
  • Donations help us to purchase and run fridges, freezers, top up the pantry items with essentials, pay our food membership subscription fees and more


If you are a new member and wish to join our Pantry, please register here. It is a bit like placing an order online, but you will pay in person when you collect your box.

Pantry days are Thursday and Sunday 11am-1pm.  No appointment is needed.

We have random pop-up pantries by appointment which are announced on our Facebook Group