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Hangar Hub Food Pantry

We work with food charity Fareshare Cymru – plus numerous local retailers – on a food project that is here to help the local Community.

Anyone can access our food pantry. Whether you are a family, or low income household. You may be a working family, but the paycheque is just disappearing too fast, especially with the Cost of Living Crisis and the Pantry will help you top-up your fridge and cupboards.

Or, you may just wish to join as a member to support the project and save tonnes of food waste.

Whatever your reason…

Some of our wonderful volunteersThe Pantry aims to:

  • Provide volunteering opportunities for our community
  • Donate free food packages to those who need it
  • Provide a donation option where you can just give a small membership fee donation when you collect a food package. We don’t sell individual items of food but we supply boxes of mixed chilled, frozen, ambient and fresh food depending on what is available
  • Supply food suitable for varied dietary needs and cultural needs
  • Donations help us to purchase and run fridges, freezers, top up the pantry items with essentials, pay our food membership subscription fees and more


If you are a new member and wish to join our Pantry, please register here. It is a bit like placing an order online, but you will pay in person when you collect your box.

Pantry days are Thursday and Sunday 11am-1pm.  No appointment is needed.

We have random pop-up pantries by appointment which are announced on our Facebook Group


Creating Pathways MMA Summer School for Young People 2023Children

Creating Pathways MMA Summer School for Young People 2023

Creating Pathways MMA Summer School for Young People 2023

Welcome to our Scholarship Program!

For the summer of 2023, we have a total of 16 sessions of Mixed Martial Arts and Employability Training running from 1st August 2023 until 3th September 2023.

Young People between the ages of 15-21 are welcome to apply.

Successful students go FREE!

Apply to Join Summer School

Please note that spaces are limited, and not everyone will be successful – but we will let you know withing 48 hours of your application if you have secured a space.

  • Improve fitness and wellbeing
  • Improve strength
  • Get new skills
  • Learn about local training opportunities
  • Meet potential employers and training providers
  • Make new friends

The Summer School will comprise of at least 12 sessions of MMA Training, and 4 Employability Workshops.  Please only sign up if you are happy to attend all sessions as they combine together.  Eligible ages are 15-21 years old.

We’ll be working on:

Introduction to MMA
  • MMA Striking
  • Takedowns and wrestling
  • Submission wrestling (grappling)
  • MMA Kit (Protective equipment)
  • MMA History
  • Careers in MMA and Sports

Apply Here

Existing Youth Academy Members are also welcome to book this block of sessions as part of your Membership.

Hangar Hub Community Food PantryFood Pantry

Food Pantry is now a year old

Hangar Community Hub Food Pantry is now a year old and has supported hundreds of families through the year.  We’re delighted to have met so many wonderful people during our first year.

Thanks to the support of Fareshare Cymru we’ve been able to set our Pantry up independently of any franchise, to minimise our costs.  As many of you will know, Hangar is an Independent organisation, we’re not funded or paid for the work we do, we don’t have Council premises and have to support ourselves.

At our year end, we had 850 registered Pantry members on our system.  That is people who we’ve actually helped, at least 20% of that are regularly active and we see them at least once a week.

Our Pantry isn’t means-tested and doesn’t require any special status.  Anyone can access it.

To celebrate the 1st Birthday of the Pantry, we ran 2 enhanced pantries, where we gave all members delicious ice-cream tubs from Ben & Jerries, Magnum or Little Moons, and thanks to the Lidl Hygiene Poverty Fund, we also purchased hygiene products which were:

  • Hand soap
  • Shower Gel
  • Washing Up Liquid

The volunteers decorated the area with bunting and we had a pop up bric-a-brac shop, all totally free!  Volunteer Alison who ran this, also sold a few special things she had donated and gave the fund to the Pantry which was much appreciated.

This really made for a special Pantry day.

Download our Flyer



Food Cardiff Community Meeting at Hangar Community HubEvents

Cardiff Food Network Community Meeting Hosted by Us

Cardiff Food Network Community Meeting Hosted by Us on 12th May.

We have a great time hosting members of the Cardiff Food Network for a Spring meeting and a networking lunch.  It was great to host this event, and meet other members providing similar services around the City of Cardiff.  We provided a tasty array of healthy food, as after all, Food Cardiffs 5 Food Goals include a Healthy Cardiff.

The event was led by Food Cardiff coordinator, Pearl Costello and attended by members including Fareshare Cymru, Clayton Hotel, other food Pantries around the area and food Co-operatives.


Benefits of Volunteering at Hangar Community Hub

This is one of our volunteers Emma, who is a local resident to the area, and we met her via our food network.  You’ll catch Emma most Thursdays working at the morning Pantry, plus she is often to be found helping behind the scenes including collecting and transporting food to us, and restocking the Pantry.

And this is Sue, another of our amazing volunteers who often helps at both Sunday and Thursday pantries and behind-the-scenes including restocking and carrying out food collections.


Freestyle Wrestling Classes Proving a Success for Children and Young People

We are currently the only Affiliated Wrestling Club in Wales.  Hangar Wrestling Club has been training adults in Freestyle Wrestling for 4 years, and our Coaches are from the highest calibre of backgrounds.  We currently have Arash Shojai and Amir Lak both who have wrestled since they were young, and it is their Cultural Sport.  We also have Ivaylo Sarov who has successfully introduced our Childrens Wrestling Program with 3 classes a week for children.

The children we train are from varied backgrounds and some where it is their Cultural Sport, with parents very keen to keep the practice going.  We have children from Russia, Ukraine, Dagestan and Sudan as well as from our locality too.  Community Sport is very important for them to make new friends, keep fit and get strong and we provide a family run environment and safe space for them to attend.  We also have free food on offer from our Community Pantry.

Coach Ivaylo at the United World Wrestling Veteran World Championships.

Boxing Session with the University Royal Naval Unit URNUYoung People

Boxing Session with the University Royal Naval Unit URNU

On Sunday, we had a great Boxing Session with the University Royal Naval Unit URNU – Cardiff and Bristol.  It was a pleasure to host this group, who were extremely polite, well behaved and awesome.

The University Royal Naval Units (URNU), under the command of Britannia Royal Naval College, give university students a broader understanding of Royal Navy life. They offer the chance to gain transferable skills, from public speaking to organisation, by exposing the young person to leadership and management opportunities.

During their visit to South Wales, they visited the Green Mile Training Camp on the Saturday and ourselves on the Sunday, for a Boxing Session organised and ran by Lt Smith and CPO Harris.  Some great skills were spotted – including the girls – and some real potential and promise was found!  Sounds like a great weekend of Sport and Activity.


See some of the work we do with young people

Step Into Sport is just one project we’re involved with at Hangar Community Hub.  We Coach young people in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and help them find potential and new pathways in their lives.  We are a safe place, a community and a place to meet new friends.  This project has had fantastic results in prevention of crime in the local areas, and it is ongoing.


Where does your membership donation money go?

Where does your membership donation money go?

Wondering what happens to your donation fees?  As a wholly volunteer-run Pantry, we work very hard behind the scenes to ensure our Thursday and Sunday morning pantry is fully stocked with fresh, healthy produce plus a range of ambient items.  Thanks to the kind donations from some of our food partners, and our subscription to the surplus charity Fareshare, we can usually supply a healthy, nutritious and useful package of food to suit most households.

This is where donation money goes:

  • Fareshare subscription
  • Admin costs (administration of our legal compliance)
  • Cost of refrigeration and freezing equipment
  • Partial cost of electricity to run above
  • Cost of fuel for collections to some volunteers
  • Staff Training (e.g. Food Hygiene Certificates)
  • Premises Hygiene
  • Maintenance and repairs of equipment
  • Sundry items (packaging, cleaning materials)
  • Purchasing food, hygiene products etc as needed

What it is not used for:

  • Rent
  • Wages
  • Time spent running project
  • Cost of building website or POS system
  • Cost of volunteer time 50+ collections per week, 100+ volunteering hours per week
  • Refuse collection
  • Cost spent on meetings, learning and developing systems etc
  • Website hosting or development

We can operate thanks to the generous contribution of our volunteering team for their time, and the donation of space in the gym.  Also to the generous donations from food partners such as Tesco Group, Getir, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Asda and Howdens.

Our partnership with Getir, the fastest food aroundFood Pantry

Our partnership with Getir, the fastest food around

We’re really proud of our partnership with Getir, the fastest food around.

Did you know that Getir delivers your order in around 15 minutes from placing the order?  They sell lovely fresh fruit, vegetables, drinks, snacks and meat, and all the groceries you need.  Getir are fantastic as they donate a lot of their surplus food to us, which we then pass along to all our community food members.

Getir is an online grocery food store that covers lots of local areas.

They have an App that you download and once registered, you can start ordering food.

Fast food.  Really fast food!

We’ve been partnered with Getir for a while now and would never want to be without them.

The staff are so helpful to us, always assist us loading up the surplus food that they kindly donate to the project.  Enabling us to help so many local families and individuals in our Community.

Thank you Getir.  All your helps is appreciated.

Working with Nandos Yummy ChickenFood Pantry

Working with Nandos Yummy Chicken

Hangar Food Pantry – Did you know that one of our FIFTY PLUS collections a week is from Nandos?

Nandos LogoNandos has a sustainable and waste-saving project whereby they donate leftover chicken to charitable projects.

You can read about it here.

They chill and freeze unsold cooked chicken (before anything spicy is added!) and donate it to us as a local food partner.

This is great on every level:

  • It saves waste
  • It provides nutritious and healthy food to those who need it
  • It helps save money
  • It saves energy on cooking
  • Chicken is the handiest thing to have to make so many nutritious meals!

If you’re a busy household, you already know just how handy leftover chicken is – you can do so much with it!

When you receive the chicken, it just needs to be defrosted for 24 hours in the fridge, and it’s ready to use just like any other cooked chicken is.

We have both regular and Halal available.

You can use it in anything!

  • Sandwiches
  • Packed lunches
  • Stir fry
  • Curry
  • Chicken chili
  • Chicken and rice
  • Chicken jambalaya
  • Peri Peri chiken
  • The list goes on!

If you’re a visitor to our Pantry, ask the staff regarding availability.