Creating Pathways MMA Summer School for Young People 2023Children

Creating Pathways MMA Summer School for Young People 2023

Creating Pathways MMA Summer School for Young People 2023

Welcome to our Scholarship Program!

For the summer of 2023, we have a total of 16 sessions of Mixed Martial Arts and Employability Training running from 1st August 2023 until 3th September 2023.

Young People between the ages of 15-21 are welcome to apply.

Successful students go FREE!

Apply to Join Summer School

Please note that spaces are limited, and not everyone will be successful – but we will let you know withing 48 hours of your application if you have secured a space.

  • Improve fitness and wellbeing
  • Improve strength
  • Get new skills
  • Learn about local training opportunities
  • Meet potential employers and training providers
  • Make new friends

The Summer School will comprise of at least 12 sessions of MMA Training, and 4 Employability Workshops.  Please only sign up if you are happy to attend all sessions as they combine together.  Eligible ages are 15-21 years old.

We’ll be working on:

Introduction to MMA
  • MMA Striking
  • Takedowns and wrestling
  • Submission wrestling (grappling)
  • MMA Kit (Protective equipment)
  • MMA History
  • Careers in MMA and Sports

Apply Here

Existing Youth Academy Members are also welcome to book this block of sessions as part of your Membership.

Hangar Hub Community Food PantryFood Pantry

Food Pantry is now a year old

Hangar Community Hub Food Pantry is now a year old and has supported hundreds of families through the year.  We’re delighted to have met so many wonderful people during our first year.

Thanks to the support of Fareshare Cymru we’ve been able to set our Pantry up independently of any franchise, to minimise our costs.  As many of you will know, Hangar is an Independent organisation, we’re not funded or paid for the work we do, we don’t have Council premises and have to support ourselves.

At our year end, we had 850 registered Pantry members on our system.  That is people who we’ve actually helped, at least 20% of that are regularly active and we see them at least once a week.

Our Pantry isn’t means-tested and doesn’t require any special status.  Anyone can access it.

To celebrate the 1st Birthday of the Pantry, we ran 2 enhanced pantries, where we gave all members delicious ice-cream tubs from Ben & Jerries, Magnum or Little Moons, and thanks to the Lidl Hygiene Poverty Fund, we also purchased hygiene products which were:

  • Hand soap
  • Shower Gel
  • Washing Up Liquid

The volunteers decorated the area with bunting and we had a pop up bric-a-brac shop, all totally free!  Volunteer Alison who ran this, also sold a few special things she had donated and gave the fund to the Pantry which was much appreciated.

This really made for a special Pantry day.

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